Testimonials: Yoga is what we are. Yoga is who we are.

I highly recommend Silvia Sim as a yoga instructor. I took a weekly private class and quickly recognized the balance it brought to my life. Silvia's patient, informative teaching style has me now keep up yoga regularly on my own, whether at home or traveling. Being a 40 non-spiritual atheist marathon runner, I soon realized that I inadequately stretched, even though I am very athletic. I have benefitted in so many ways from Silvia’s guidance. Physically, I have gained running resilience; better posture, fewer leg cramps on long runs, and much better breathing rhythm. Mentally, I find I sleep more deeply and peacefully, through deeper breathing and better mind-body balance. Silvia gave me the opportunity to push harder than I have in my adult life and for that I am very grateful.
~ Padraig McGillyCuddy, (Shell), Houston, Texas

Yoga? My previous knowledge of yoga was "chanting" and sitting lotus style. I remember being humbly surprised when, at my first class, I literally could not do the easiest exercises. I started with beginner moves and progressed to harder more advanced poses and exercises. After a few private sessions, Silvia was able to pinpoint my chronic painful knee issues and helped eliminate the pain’s source. Two years later, my knees are pain free and I am addicted to yoga with all my heart. Through Silvia’s classes I became stronger, attained flexibility, improved endurance, and even my husband noticed that my body is better toned. My husband and I thank you Silvia, I will be first in line to purchase your yoga dvd's! Love ya.
~ Cynthia Spetch, Bangalore, India

Silvia is a very empathetic person which makes her a great yoga teacher. She listens to you and observes carefully so that the routine really works for you – a tailor-made practice. I took both group classes and one-to-one sessions and they have been the best medicine for my back issues. She can teach at any level and adjust to any experience level. Silvia took our class of mostly beginners and got us all excited about yoga – our original class survived, even thrived, and everyone wanted a second class.
~ Mairead Boland (Shell) Miri, Sarawak

I’m Chairman and CEO of Crimson Ant Natural Resources Fund LP. Like most executives with stressful jobs, I suffered from chronic back pain in my shoulder blades, shoulders and neck, resulting in constant headaches. To get some temporary relief, I visited a chiropractor for weekly alignments. My quality of life was less than ideal. 6 months ago, I finally took up yoga. Silvia’s strong student testimonials about their results and yoga benefits helped convince me to give yoga a try. Within a month of starting classes, my chronic pain went away and hasn’t returned. I do yoga twice a week now, but wish I had time to do more. Yoga relieved my muscle and deep tissue pain, gives me calmness and grounding, even in my high-stress work. I highly recommend that everyone, young or older, do yoga. Its benefits are too important to ignore.
~ Jyn Baker, Hong Kong

I have been taking yoga with Silvia since 2003. Her small classes are challenging, yet relaxed and calm. My body has become both strong and flexible. My balance has improved and I rarely get sick. I previously suffered from tension headaches, and these have totally stopped. At 47 I am in the best physical shape of my life. Being an uncoordinated kid who was bad at many sports, I smile, when told by both tennis coach and ski instructor, that I am obviously a natural athlete, after now picking up both sports fairly effortlessly. This is wonderfully empowering, and makes you feel that you can really take on any challenge.
Silvia is a wonderful teacher, being both calm, yet inspiring us to push on to greater limits.

~ Angela Naylor (age 47, yoga student since 2003) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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