Testimonials: Yoga is what we are. Yoga is who we are.

I was first introduced to yoga 22 years ago, but have been practicing it consistently for the past 12 years. Yoga has redefined me. The asanas (poses) have strengthened and toned my body, helping my kickboxing injury recovery. I also rarely suffer from chronic back pain now. Mentally, the pranayama (breathing techniques) and dyana (meditation) which Silvia taught me have allowed me to calm, clarify and discipline my mind. I attain a tranquility and spiritual insight which cannot be achieved in anything else that I do, except perhaps seeing a sunset from a tropical beach. If you're looking for a new way of living, with health and peace of mind as its aim, then yoga is the choice for you.
~ Tina Salleh (Kuala Lumpur)

Yoga caught my attention in the UK, where I tried it and loved it, but didn't stick with it. That is, until I came to YogaCraze in 2007. Silvia’s love and dedication to yoga is infectious and inspired me to do more, to try harder, to go deeper, and really make a commitment to yoga and myself. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you are in fabulous hands with Silvia. She will encourage and nurture where required, and challenge you when needed. She tailors her classes perfectly for her students, particularly, if you do 1:1 classes. Silvia has natural empathy and reassuring calming presence, which is why I recommend her so highly. I did stick with yoga – it's a hugely important part of my life. Thanks, Silvia!
~ Carolyn Eaton (2012), Singapore

I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Dec 2011. I underwent a total thyroidectomy. Health professionals and my own research recommended regular exercise to improve my health. A friend referred me to Silvia, my yoga instructor. I started yoga at YogaCraze, and each time after class, my body immediately feels much better, my breathing improves, where I feel like I am getting more oxygen to my organs and bloodstream. I feel much healthier today. I will definitely continue yoga exercise as it has helped me a lot and I feel much stronger. Thanks to Silvia for all her yoga lessons!
~ Wendy Khoo (33-years-old), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I started yoga with Silvia in Sept. 2009, and quickly became addicted to YogaCraze. In two years I went from a complete novice to being a more accomplished student. Silvia is an amazing teacher and is a very positive influence in my life, both physically and emotionally. My husband, who is an athlete and serious marathon runner, would have never considered doing yoga. He was very supportive of my interest in it, and I would keep him updated on my progress, and going on and on about how much I loved it. He could see the changes in both my firmer body and my mind. My strength and flexibility were noticeably improved, and I was managing stress far better. He then decided to try yoga as well, and has also seen dramatic improvements in his marathon times, and his fitness resilience. Since being relocated back to the United States, I have tried 4 different yoga teachers, with absolutely no luck. No one comes close to Silvia. Most teachers seem very repetitive, using a certain order and routine, or you get a different teacher each time. Class sizes are too large, and there is no connection between teacher and student. I attended YogaCraze almost every day, and each day we would do something different. I don’t know how Silvia does it, but her creativity in Yoga process is remarkable. Silvia is in a class by herself! She has also made me realize the impact yoga can have on your quality of life when you practice it the Silvia Sim way.
~ Annette Walton McGillycuddy (Age 42, Houston, Texas, USA)

I started yoga because of my back condition (slipped disc). I had no expectation, but to strengthen it and avoid the costly and difficult recovery of surgery. Meeting Silvia was a blessing. Silvia not only resolved my back problems, she also helps me to find peace and harmony for my body, my mind, and my soul. Thank you, Silvia for making our lives happier and healthier.
~ Anne Tailliez – (almost 3 years of yoga) , Kuala Lumpur

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