Testimonials: Yoga is what we are. Yoga is who we are.

I suffer from a long-standing shoulder injury and all the usual female troubles associated with being in my mid-forties.
Yoga with Silvia is slowly and surely addressing all my health concerns – she's helping me build a practice to improve my core strength, realign my joints for better posture, and improve my energy levels.  Plus yoga helps me to have focus and calmness.  And we're tackling the hormonal decline – without stress and without harmful HRT.
I have definite goals about where I want to be in terms of health, and I have no doubt that Silvia will – as she's confidently promised – get me there.

~ Bettina Khan

I never really thought of myself as someone who would do yoga.  And I had a fear from school days of any activity which took place with an instructor in anything resembling a gymnasium.
There was no need to be afraid.  Silvia, in her one-to-one sessions, has an intuitive ability to know exactly what I need and to deliver a lesson which leaves me feeling energised in the body and calm in the mind.  She also taught me how to breathe – something I thought I had been doing all my life, but not very well, I now realise.
I recommend one-to-one sessions to anyone – whatever their level of fitness or physical condition – because Silvia seems to be able to deliver exactly what is appropriate for the individual student.  My only regret is that my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to attend more than once-per-week.  I know for sure that the more I practise yoga under Silvia’s expert and empathic direction, the better shape I will be in – physically and mentally.

~ Imran Ahmad – author of “The Perfect Gentleman”(www.perfect-gent.com) Kuala Lumpur

What I've learnt in yoga I've now extended it to my daily life.  As in yoga, when contorting oneself in an impossible (at least for me) position, I learn to breathe through it, knowing that the torture will soon pass.  And from once torture positions, I finally achieve the desired pose, I find the "ah-ha" moment, which defines life's daily challenges – that practice and patience will make perfect.
~ Pik Wah (Kuala Lumpur)

When I first suffered GERD 10 years ago, my advise from my GP is to swim and do brisk walking. By chance my neighbor and I saw the advertisement and since then yoga is part of my life style and practice. My condition has since been under control. Silvia is a gentle teacher that allows me to take my time and do my poses correctly. She is marvelous in adjusting our bodies when we are not using the right muscle or pushing ourselves too far... I have indeed came to understand my body , mind and soul with great richness and acceptance . I am so much calmer and at peace which is why I must urge every one to take up yoga and discover a wonderful journey with Silvia.
~ Lis. Ng 48

I met Silvia, by chance, in 2009. And even before the end of our first session, I knew it would be a journey into the world of yoga like no other, and I was right. . . . Upon relocating back to Kuala Lumpur, in 2013 to deliver our first child, I was ready to ‘get into’ yoga with Silvia again. But, because I had a very difficult pregnancy, at our first session I could not lift my arms past my shoulders or fully cross my legs to sit down on my yoga mat. Even walking up stairs was painful with every step. Putting it simply – I was a mess. Silvia was kind enough to work with me 4 times a week. And with each day came a different challenge, and small achievements. Now, 6 weeks later, I am able to lift my arms above my head without hesitation, walk up and downs stairs without cringing and sit down on the yoga mat cross legged and lift myself up without tearing from pain. Silvia did it! She saved my physical being. It has made me understand that yoga is not solely about exercise or flexibility. It is also about the strengthening and developing of the mind and soul. And I trust Silvia to take me on that journey with her. And, I thank her for it.
~ Joy Bartsch (37 years old) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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