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After working out rigorously at a local gym in 2010 and intensively putting myself through vigorous exercises and routines to lose weight and free my mind of sadness, the intensity of my workouts left me with constant pain and numbness in my right leg. A subsequent MRI diagnosis confirmed the protrusion of a disc in my lumbar spine. Two work colleagues suggested that I talk to Silvia, their yoga teacher, while I deliberated on how to address my problem. I always believed yoga to be slow and anerobic and that yoga wasn't right for me. In my mind, one has to be sweating 'buckets' and working out at 90% of maximum heart rate in order to benefit the body! Two weeks into yoga with Silvia (trice weekly), I no longer felt discomfort, pain or numbness in my right leg. I was amazingly surprised. My previous perceptions of what benefits the body were not only very naïve and ego driven but completely reflective of those who lack understanding of yoga and its benefits. I've come to appreciate Silvia as my master/guru/teacher, as she is readily available to me even outside of class hours. She constantly guides me along my journey to live my life more fully and meaningfully. I can only say I deeply admire my Master for her commitment and passion to the growth and progress of her students. I can now say with conviction that my yoga sessions meet and even exceed all my hours at the gym combined.
~ Nurul Asyiken (47) Supply Chain Manager, SBM, Kuala Lumpur

When I moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2006, I found the move quite exhausting mentally and physically. When I heard about the yoga classes in our Condominium, I decided to give it a go and hence, met Silvia. She has helped me to achieve health and wellbeing on two levels, physically and spiritually. Silvia has an amazing ability to help us to achieve calmness and inner peace during the hour session. As the months have passed under the practice of Yoga and her able tutoring, I am transformed into a more poised and relaxed woman. She gives her 100% to every session and responds quickly to each students’ individual shortcomings and fitness.
I have been helped immeasurably by Silvia’s yoga sessions and have observed its positive effects on fellow students.

~ Aliya Faraz, Pakistan

I started yoga with Silvia when we moved to Kuala Lumpur in January 2006. Silvia has helped me in bringing harmony between my body and soul. She has corrected and helped me to do my asanas with a lot of ease. By practicing yoga and meditation with Silvia, I have been able to calm my nerves and develop more patience.
Silvia takes individual care of her students and has the art of teaching without pushing her students. She encourages us to try and she articulates the asanas depending on the level and flexibility of each of her students. She understands the needs and suggests the right asana for physical ailments as well. She practices what she preaches.
I have had a couple of other yoga teachers before and I find I am able to reach Silvia much more easily than my other yoga teachers so far. She is approachable, friendly and definitely a great teacher!

~ Padmavathi Venkataramani, Chartered Accountant, India

I started yoga with Silvia in 2002 as a complete novice in yoga. Silvia has been able to explain and articulate how each of the asana is done and how it is of benefit to us. I really appreciate very much that Silvia is a teacher who cater to different needs and abilities of her students within the same class. I was also able to maintain my daily yoga practice with Silvia when I was pregnant with my 4th child in 2003. Even during that period, Silvia modified each asana for me as I progressed deeper into my pregnancy, which has helped me tremendously during my labour and delivery.
I liked Silvia’s teachings as she gives quality teaching. She pushes us to do our best, and doesn’t placed unnecessary challenges on us. I thoroughly enjoyed her class as the intensity is just perfect, and yet, are soothing, calming and I always leave feeling very peaceful.

~ Lim Woon Wei, Businesswoman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have done yoga under different instructors in Australia, and was lucky enough to find Silvia in 2005, and have been practicing with her for two and a half years.
Silvia manages her learning environments well. She is cognizant of each of her students and their abilities and thus the level to which they can be extended. She is intuitively aware of the energy level of the class and adjust the level and intensity of the class accordingly. Thus ensuring that at the end of the session, we leave the session totally worked out and stretched, and yet peaceful , calm and relax at the same time. Silvia has a pleasant, well modulated voice which soothes and encourages us to the best of our abilities.

~ Kaye Burton, Workplace Trainer and Adult Educator, Sydney, Australia

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