Testimonials: Yoga is what we are. Yoga is who we are.

Silvia is an outstanding yoga teacher. In the fourteen months that I've been her student, she has taught our group creatively, ensuring that our lessons are never repetitive or boring and has continually stimulated us with new and varied forms. One of the most impressive skills that Silvia has is the ability to clearly communicate precisely how to adjust our bodies, as well as sharing with us her depth of knowledge about yoga. Her passion for yoga has awoken in each of us the desire to learn more.
She is perceptive of our needs and she has given her time to us unstintingly. She has also made our lessons fun, creating an atmosphere where we gain satisfaction through laugher. Equally impressive is her skills in catering for the very different levels of capabilities within our group; modifying for each individuals when necessary, to a level that will be challenging, yet achievable.
I have benefitted enormously from her teachings. When I initially despaired of ever overcoming my limitations, she took the time to give me self-confidence and encouragement. Thanks to her guidance, I have become fitter, stronger, more flexible, more confident and more energetic. I have achieved greater balance, and am more able to cope with stress.

~ Vicky Murray, Australia

'Yoga practice is all about yourself' said Silvia as she encouraged the class to discover ourselves and decide what is best for us individually. That struck a chord in me and that is how I stayed with yoga since I started joining the evening classes with Sylvia in 2012. I realised I just need to better myself over time rather than stressing out about not being able to do those beautiful yoga poses on the first few attempts!
Yoga fixes two things for me in an obvious way. Firstly my symptoms of low blood pressure went away after a couple of months. I can now work on inverted poses without blacking out. Secondly my previously recurring upper back ache eased out and haven't returned once since I started. I would certainly recommend yoga to anyone, and of course having the right master will make yoga happening to you!

~ Ting Hoon Kiow, Shell Engineer

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